Uncharted Territory

Journey through the landscape, meet fellow adventurers, and effortlessly accumulate GITs as you go.

Friendship Unleashed

Roam the boundless world with your friends to unlock achievements and discover new thrills.

Battle Arena

Step into the combat zone to challenge other players and test your skills.

Treasure Trove

Collect GITs to exchange for exclusive in-game rewards.

Plan on using MetaMask?

Make sure you have the Telos Network Active. You can add Telos to your MetaMask wallet by clicking the button below. We will be adding support for more chains with MetaMask in the future.

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Optional Blockchain Sync

Syncing a blockchain wallet enables you to transfer items in and out of the game to enjoy on our network of games. While this feature adds an extra layer of excitement, it's completely optional. LandBox is designed for everyone to enjoy, with or without a blockchain connection.

Character Unlocks

Access Locked Areas

Explore buildings and unlock unique abilities in LandBox. Discover character unlocks throughout the open world. Accumulate more GITS to earn in-game prizes.